okay.. so, first of all, sorry for the crappy 15-minute edit these are the blogs that make my dashboard beautiful with flawless edits and reblogs. i just followed some of them recently. and i’ve been following the rest since i was a fetus.

nananarry • fasterharry • liampaynedotcom • tomlinsonpanties • totallyniam • fuckiniall • zarrybitch • zaynable • tommosmile • wankinglou • louisismydirection • dtf-stylinson • itsniall • steferine • bbradford • blamestyles • edsheerun • epicdirection • tomlinsland • tomlegendson • kryptoniall • jaweedz • drunkenniall • kneeyum • playedtilmyfingersbled • evernialls • holazarry • zahrry • vaginiam • captainzarry • gayrold • nipshire • missinglou • flyniall • deerstagram • fromdoncaster • horanschicken • di-rectioner • nippleitis • pubestagram • niallhigh


thank you all. i love you! <3

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    hgcjbgf 15 minute edit? WAT dhjsf it’s beautiful alex! ily :”)
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